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 Visual Arts from the Muslim World

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Spokane Sisters' Art Group organically formed in 2022 around an appreciation for the humanities and indigenous visual arts from the Muslim world. Spokane Sisters' Art Group respectively represent the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, West Asia, and the Americas within the local context of Spokane, Washington. The workshops and opportunities for public artworks provide refugees and immigrants a channel to explore unique aspects of themselves, as well as express their cultural values.

The mission of Spokane Sisters' Art Group is three-fold:  i) to provide an opportunity to create art to a minority population ii) to increase resiliency in group members through the revival of indigenous visual arts iii) to share global influences within the local context of the Pacific Northwest.

Spokane Sisters Art Group is honored to have received grants from Spokane Arts and Art Salvage in 2023. We are also grateful to Spokane Art Supply for discounted art supplies and studio space, as well as the Spokane County Public Libraries.

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